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  • image My favorite Brunch place for the weekend. Service quick and efficient, line-ups of which there always is, goes fast. Portons huge, and selection varied and always tasty. This place cannot compare with even Beauty's for a bruch venue. coffee just great and as much as is needed...fresh oj, fresh bagels, in fact the turnover is so voluminous that everything has to be fresh... Blondee 47
  • image I drove by this place quite often and until tonight I never got to stop there to I checked reviews on urban spoon before deciding on going to this place to eat. However urban spoon had them listed for breakfast and lunch only. I decided to take a chance and give him a call and was pleasantly surprised that they were opened. As it turned out it was an incredible place to eat out at. Michael C.
  • image I know Orange has food throughout the day and the menu is extensive but this is a goto place for brunch in NDG. Delicious eggs Benedict in several versions, good coffee, fresh orange juice, crêpes, etc. What's not to like? Flavor Guy
  • image Amazing food! It was our first time trying this spot out since we heard great reviews about it and we were very impressed with the decor and food. Our waiter was very courteous as well. A definite A+ and we will definitely be going back! Maggie S.


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  • Veggie burritos. Carbs keep your love handles in great shape and provide cushioning for winter months.… 27 days ago favorite retweet reply

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